Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Grimsby

Diamond cut alloys are highly sought after by many vehicle enthusiasts due to their sharp edges and shiny finish. Many cars are now factory finished with diamond cut alloys. Diamond cut wheels are precision machine finished wheels that give the appearance of a polished metal. Wreckamended can now refurbish diamond cut wheels reproducing the desired factory finish without the harsh use of a CNC Lathe!

What does this mean?

Diamond cut alloy wheels can be prone to damage. As with any alloy wheel, nothing can protect them from brushes with kerbs or other objects. Diamond cut alloy wheels tend to require more TLC than painted or powder coated alloys. This is because as the lacquer ages, gets chipped or is stripped over time by harsh weather, road conditions, salt and acidic wash chemicals. Water and residue typically then finds its way underneath the lacquer. Once the lacquer surface is damaged, the alloy metal underneath is prone to corrosion and this may well lift the lacquer. If this happens and the alloy metal is exposed it may start to turn grey and perhaps powdery. Corrosion may also start to creep under the lacquer, this may leave the appearance of white ‘worm-like’ marks under the lacquer.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Grimsby

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs Grimsby

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Grimsby

Recutting V’s Refurbishing?

Re Cutting Diamond Cut Wheels.

Diamond Cut CNC LatheDiamond cut wheels can be recut, but there are consequences and limitations to it. From new, a diamond cut alloy wheels can be re-cut only once, perhaps a maximum of twice in their entire lifetime (twice is not advised). This is because the diamond cut alloy wheel recutting process means a substantial percentage or alloy is removed from the wheel. Over-refurbishment simply leads to the wheels strength becoming compromised and the wheels integrity and strength altered.

Refurbishing Diamond Cut Wheels

Wreckamended Diamond Alloy Wheel Refurbishment GrimsbyWreckamended’s custom built diamond cut alloy refurbishment machine means we can now provide our customers with the highest quality ‘refurbished’ diamond cut alloy finish. This means we do not compromise finish quality or wheel integrity. We achieve the same results as a harsh CNC lathe re-cut without any of the the associated risks. What’s not to love about this service!
Combine our Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment services with our like for like or custom wheel painting services for the complete diamond cut alloy refurbishment experience.

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